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Taxes Practice

Our Taxes Practice performs a full array of tax services for your organization.  This includes: 

  • Employee Retention Credit (see below for more detail *)
  • Tax Return Preparation and Amendments (Federal and State)
  • Periodic Tax Calculations & Payments
  • Payroll Vendor Liaison
  • Form 941 Preparation and Filing
  • Hourly Advisory Services (recommendations only: no decision-making)

Our team of experienced Tax professionals includes CPAs and Accountants from various industry backgrounds.

In our capacity as Tax Professional we will take no action and make no decisions that are the responsibility of client management.

Employee Retention Credit:

REFUND: Our firm may be able to helo you recover a significant payroll refund form the IRS for 2020 and 2021.

WHY: According to recent laws passed and revised, organizations that kept jobs for their W2 employees during the COVID pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 may be eligible for a significant IRS payroll refund.

THE CHALLENGE: The effort to review, amend, and file your IRS Form 941Xs for those two years is complex. Very few corporations and payroll firms will tackle this effort for you. The law changed six times. It requires calculations per employee per quarter. (For churches: clergy payroll has spefic conditions to be considered.)

BE CAREFUL: If someone approaches you and asks to do this for a percentage of what they recover they are probably not a CPA firm, since the AICPA forbids working on a percentage basis.

HERE'S HOW (next steps):

1. Simply provide us with your 2020 and 2021 IRS Form 941s that were filed, along with your corresponding quarterly payroll registers for each of those eight fiscal quarters.

2.  We will review and determine if your organization qualifies for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), then let you know the amount you are qualified to receive.

NO OBLIGATION: There is no obligation to pay anything if you do not qualify, or if you decide not to go forward with us for filing your refund.