Large firm experience, small firm service-- Enabling our not-for-profit clients to attain and maintain financial stability.


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Who We Are...

We are a consulting and services firm whose mission is to enable our not-for-profit clients to attain and maintain financial stability by establishing and improving financial controls and underlying processes.

We offer each client a customized mix of support from four distinct areas of expertise, each with its own practice: 

Our unique, robust, copyrighted intellectual capital and methodology differentiate us from any other consulting firm in the world.

Our Clients...

Our clients are comprised of senior leadership (Executive Director, CFO, CEO, Director of Finance, etc.) from many different types of organizations and religious denominations. 


1) Many not-for-profit leaders-- and most clergy-- enter the organization from walks of life that have not adequately prepared them for the financial and procedural tasks that occur on a daily basis in an organization with volunteers and staff. 

2) Management and accounting practices-- as well as supporting software-- for not-for-profit organizations are different from commercial organizations

3) Within the not-for-profit world, management and accounting practices for religious entities differ even further.  We recognize that there are denomination and local church differences.

Solution:  Our clients realize that we can help them successfully navigate the many daily challenges related to economic stability, sound financial management, governance, and internal control.

Your Responsibilities, Liabilities, & Opportunities...

(Please review the following brief videos and articles featuring some of the basic tenets of our firm.)

  PEOPLE-- The Pastor is CEO of the Church

  PROCESS-- It Keeps the Church Running

  TECHNOLOGY-- Properly Accounting for Money

  ORGANIZATION-- Defining Key Roles

  STEWARDSHIP-- The True Scope of Stewardship

  FRAUD-- 4 Tips to Prevent Fraud

  TRANSPARENCY-- The Case for Financial Transparency

  SOFTWARE & CONTROLS-- Taking Care of Church Financials with Good Software, Solid Controls