Align People and Processes to Drive Effectiveness

We have developed systems and processes specifically for churches and non-profits. This allows us to quickly assist Senior Leadership in implementing proven financial processes and internal controls.

Our robust methodology, developed at churches over years, expedites the implementation of a solution for each client, depending on their needs.

There are two levels of consulting engagements available.

Tailored Solution

If your organization doesn't need customized processes, you can still take advantage of a system of procedures and best practices we have developed specially for churches and denominational organizations. In this scenario, we will start with our existing processes and then tailor it to the needs of the organization.

  • process templates
  • role description templates
  • policy, procedure and resolution templates
  • forms
  • communication and implementation plans

You'll be able to take the deliverables and implement them using our customization.

Custom Solution

Starting with a facilitated workshop, our consultant will apply their experience to your church's situation and requirements, including

  • process redesign templates
  • financial controls
  • role descriptions
  • policies & procedures

The deliverables will be created for your organization exclusively.

This is a turnkey solution.

Our 10-Step Accounting Management Solution

  • Identify underlying financial risks
  • Design processes to address, mitigate and eliminate risks
  • Educate stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities
  • Establish and maintain proper levels of accountability
  • Ensure separation of duties
  • Record and protect church assets
  • Implement financial controls and supporting processes
  • Test the systems of checks and balances
  • Provide ongoing and consistent oversight
  • Provide documentation

Develop a Solution that Works for Your Unique Circumstances

With a complete solution in place, managing the day-to-day operations of the organization will be easier.